Pedigree of Heflin's Deanna






Shaw's Ceasar

Shaw's Madd Max

Perdue's Razor's Edge Dinero

Benmar's Macho Of Roadhouse

Roadhouse Boogie Of Benmar

Herring's Roaring Rose

Perdue's Blaze Of Glory

Ruffian Jack Of York

Sunrise Red Keeper

Shaw's Fallen Angle

Razor's Edge Throwin Knuckles

Kimmar's Catt Man Roo

Pam's Whitepath China Black

Jackson's Gmj Zoi Off Empire



Solid Rock Blaze Of Joy

Razor's Edge Shaw's Brutus

Razor's Edge Rojo Diablo

Hollingsworth's Bull

Wildside's Miss Leaky

Razor's Edge Causn'a Ruckus

Jackson's Gmj Hucouerberry

Jackson's Gjm Celcius

Shaw's Gypsy Girl

Razor's Edge Memory Of Mugsy


Gaff's Razor's Edge Blue Haze

Dusty Rose Of Shaw

Charlie's Buster Brown

Shaw's Dj Dixie

Golden's Vicious

Wildside & Radice's Bandit

Mtn. Man's Bandit

Hopper's Ch Outlaw

Finley's Bo

Crenshaw's Polly

R.c. & The Soso Boy's Molly

Carver's Johnson's Brutus

Carver's Freckles

Durham's Jeepette

J. Crenshaw's Ch Jeep



Garrette's Lady Grinder

Coleman's Grinder

Garrett's Lark

Robertson's White-girl

Bird's Mr Red

Satterfield's Mr. Natural

Satterfield's Blitzhund

Satterfield's Dagger Duchess

Bird's Miss Prissy

Satterfield's Mr. Natural

Satterfield's Miss Prissy

Russell's Miss Voodoo

Bird's Mr Red

Satterfield's Mr. Natural

Bird's Miss Prissy

Russell's Cherry Bomb

Bird's Mr Red

Howell's Sonja